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CrossFit Goliath is your home away from home, except we’re a gym. Our community is welcoming and is one of support and camaraderie. Whether you are an elite athlete or simply wanting to be healthier and feel better, we provide the level of training that will help you achieve your goals in a fun, supportive environment.

We have tons of options: 24/7 access, Yoga, Nutrition Coaching, CrossFit Kids and more! Our incredible, newly renovated facility has showers, childcare, locker rooms and massage therapy.

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The Gym With The Most Options in Raleigh


Raleigh’s Best CrossFit Gym

Conveniently located in north Raleigh near Wake Forest, Rolesville and Knightdale. We are the only gym CrossFit gym in Raleigh with 24/7 access. We offer dozens of class times on the schedule and have plenty of membership options to match your budget and schedule. You won’t find more flexibility to get your workout in anywhere in Raleigh. We have CrossFit classes, Yoga classes, and a variety of specialty classes 6 days per week. Our first class starts at 5:00am and our last class finishes at 7:45pm.

Are you looking to get stronger, leaner, healthier? Join a CrossFit Goliath workout in Raleigh and improve your strength. Need to recover from the intense training you’ve been doing? Relax in our flow Yoga class. Our Gym has a class on the schedule for you, no matter how busy you are. Try a FREE class and see why we have become the best gym and fastest growing fitness facility in Raleigh.

World Class Coaches

A gym is only as good as its coaches, which is why we are lucky to have some of North Carolina’s best fitness coaches calling CrossFit Goliath home. Join us for a workout with a coach who cares about YOUR success.

Our coaches are highly educated specialists in Weight Loss, Nutrition, CrossFit, Olympic Weightifting, Boot Camp, Yoga, Rowing, Kids’ Fitness, Running & more. From the first time you arrive in our gym, you will notice our level of dedication. We provide the right amount of motivation and experience, without being “too close for comfort.” With our varied backgrounds and specialties, you will find an experience unparalleled in our area. Drop in for a FREE class. We have exclusively positive reviews, making us Raleigh’s #1 gym for High Intensity Training workouts. Come see the difference our dedicated coaches create.

Perfect Location

CrossFit Goliath is located in north Raleigh, tucked into an office complex on Departure Drive, located just off of Spring Forest Drive near Capital Blvd and HWY 540. Because our gym is just off of HWY 540, we are convenient to many places in Raleigh, Wake Forest and Knightdale. Being near Capital Blvd and 540 near Triangle Town Center Mall, we serve anyone living or traveling around Triangle Town Center Mall. Many commuters in and out of downtown Raleigh or RTP workout at CrossFit Goliath and skip the rush hour traffic after work hours.

High Coach to Athlete Ratio

CrossFit Goliath workouts were built to get you individualized coaching in the best group atmosphere. We believe in this philosophy and average 1 coach for every 10 members in a class so that you always get the attention you deserve. We are the only CrossFit gym in Raleigh to focus on this low coach to athlete ratio. You will always get better results when your coach has the time to focus on you. When classes fill up, we add more coaches or new classes so that we never become too crowded.

Incredible Facility

CrossFit, Yoga, over 6,000 square feet of workout space, and more. Come to the only Raleigh area gym to give you so many options. Our incredible, newly renovated facility has showers, locker rooms, child care, massage therapy and more. We also have 24/7 access via our 24 hour access app.

History of CrossFit

CrossFit was formally established in 2000 by Greg Glassman. By 2005, there were 13 affiliate gyms. Because of the incredible results people have seen, there are now over 14,000 CrossFit affiliate gyms worldwide, making it the largest fitness organization in the world. One of CrossFit’s largest strengths is that it is scale-able and usable by anyone at any age. There are 80 year old people using CrossFit to stay healthy, 350lb+ people using CrossFit to lose weight, and 5 year old children using it to learn about fitness. Even the US Military uses the methodology to train its Special Forces.

CrossFit is the most effective way to do improve your fitness in the least amount of time. 14,000 gyms and hundreds of thousands of people can’t be wrong. If you’re in or near Raleigh, Wake Forest, Knightdale and surrounding areas, come join a CrossFit Gym who values you as an individual and wants to help you achieve your goals.