Heather Coracini


  • Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor April 2015
  • Boot Camp Coach CrossFit Invoke 2013-2015
  • Coach CrossFit Invoke 2014-2015
  • CrossFit Level 1 2013
  • CrossFit Mobility 2014
  • POSE Running Seminar via Dr.Nicholas Romanov 2015

Heather Coracini

Head Coach, CrossFit Level One Trainer

Before I discovered Crossfit I thought myself “fit” because I went to a big box gym several times a week and ran on the treadmill ON THE INCLINE. Boy was I wrong. I started taking boot camp classes offered in a park offered by a local CrossFit gym because one of my friends taking the class posted pictures of her abs and I thought, “hey, I want some of those”. It was the hardest work out of my life but I was hooked. After about 6 months of boot camp I graduated to CrossFit classes and fell in love with the barbell.

I took my level 1 seminar when I was three months pregnant and freaked everyone out because I did Fran. I began interning under Mitchell at Crossfit Invoke and then took a short break from training and interning to have a baby. I began coaching at CrossFit Invoke six months after my daughter was born. I joined CrossFit Goliath as a coach in September of 2015.

First CrossFit Experience

My first official CrossFit WOD was Angie. I think I used two green bands and did half the number of pull ups and push ups. I was blown away by the girls not using a band and cranking out pull ups like it was nothing. And I think I had T-rex ams for like 3 days afterwards.

Favorite Lift/WOD, Favorite Coaching Moment

My favorite lift is the hang clean because of how explosive it is and my second favorite lift(s) is the hang clean for reps because I only want to pick something off the floor once. I am also a big fan of barbell complexes, especially the Shankle. My favorite Wod is DT because it always poses a new personal challenge for me. My favorite coaching moment is when athletes take notice of their progress. Progress isn’t just measured in huge PR’s for a back squat but little victories like 15 double under instead of 12 or being able to do push ups when you weren’t able to the week before.


  • Qualify for CrossFit Games Masters in 2018
  • Continue to grow and learn as an athlete and coach
  • To be as positive as an influence as possible for my daughter and all other women