Michelle Taylor


  • RYT 200-hr (2008)
  • YogaFit Yoga for Athletes Certification (2001)
  • Rasa Yoga Intensives with Shiva Rea (2002-2007)
  • Anusara Level II courses and training with Lila Brown (2009-2011)
  • Tantra Yoga Intensives with Angela Farmer (2004-2006)
  • Ashtanga Intensive with Doug and David Swenson (2002)

Michelle Taylor

Yoga Instructor, RYT 200

I’ve been practicing Yoga for 18 years and teaching since 2001. I taught my very first Yoga class the evening of 9.11, at the Alexander Y in downtown Raleigh.  When I woke up that morning, I had a very clear idea of what Yoga was. That one day changed everything I thought I knew and made me the teacher I am today.  Yoga, for me, is the path to our best intentions. I’ve been fortunate to study with some of the world’s foremost Yogis, including Shiva Rea, Angela Farmer, Julie Suiter, and Lila Rasa Brown.  My Vinyasa Yoga classes are infused with Ashtanga, Anusara, Iyengar and a little Kundalini for good measure.  When I’m not teaching Yoga or doing CrossFit (with a surprising amount of aggression for a Yogi!) I can be found in my other life, as a corporate communications executive.

First CrossFit Experience

A Yoga teacher I admired greatly recommended I do something that was “the other” from Yoga. People like me with natural (extreme) flexibility need to find muscular balance in order to avoid injury. In 2014 I had to face facts: the Level III Yoga I loved was hurting me. What could be more “other” from Yoga than CrossFit, right? I tried it and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t pretty. That first night we ran and did snatches. It was a short distance run and I just used the trainer bar for the snatches, but I was dying. I lied to myself that I just needed to get through that WOD, and then I could quit. I used that lie for six months, to keep myself coming back. “You can quit after this WOD,” is the best lie I’ve ever told myself. I highly recommend it.

Favorite Coaching Moment

Teaching Yoga to CrossFit athletes has been such an unexpected blessing. For 15 years, I taught Yoga to Yoga people. And that was great, too. But there is something magical about the intersection of CrossFit and Yoga. On a physical level, Yoga is really necessary in a CrossFitter’s life to help them avoid injuries. But on a deeper level, Yoga conveys the bigger lessons of life that help all people – and especially intense folk like CrossFitters – balance the seeming dichotomies of serving the self through competition and serving the whole through team. When you can balance the need for personal striving with the gift of self-acceptance, you’re in a good place. Watching a student achieve an advanced pose for the first time, like Raja Kapotasan, is nice. But what’s really rewarding is when they take their Yoga practice off the mat, and learn to optimally align not just their bodies, but their life.


  • Obtain Rasa Yoga 500-hour Advanced Certification in 2017