Rachael Moody

Rachael Moody

Assistant Coach

From: Adelaide, South Australia

CrossFit Since: Feb 2012

Coach Since: Sept 2014

Favorite Movement: Snatch

A 2017 Goal: Ring Muscle Up

Least Favorite Movement: High volume wall balls

Why CrossFit?: CrossFit has not only helped me become healthier and stronger, but has given me a community; it’s given me a family. Living in the states on my own, I don’t have any family here, so the community and family CrossFit has given me is so special to me.

Not having done any sports growing up and considering myself quite uncoordinated, CrossFit has helped grow my self confidence. It’s a patient sport, and I’m not always the most patient, however, over the years the satisfaction and joy I have had from putting in the hard work and mastering gymnastic skills or PRing lifts has helped me appreciate patience and persistence. This is so important and something I talk to athletes about all the time.

Coaching is probably one of my favorite things about CrossfFit. Helping others reach their potential, or discover strengths and skills they didn’t think they had is awesome!