Teen Fitness

Teen Fitness

We have tons of options for your teenager. We have short term, low cost teen memberships to work around your teenager’s sports or work schedule, and our gym environment is one of support and our CrossFit and FIT bootcamp classes are suitable for ages 12 and up.

How it Works

Once your teen has attended a free week of classes, they’ll go through several Foundations sessions to assess your teen’s ability and level of physical development (coordination, flexibility, baseline strength, individual goals, etc.) before joining in with the regular CrossFit or FIT bootcamp classes.

Our program is designed to do more than just teach kids fitness. We focus on strength, flexibility, concentration, healthy living, boosting confidence, the importance of team work, and positivity.

Try A Free Class


12 and up

Class Schedule

Following their free trial classes and 2-3 Foundations sessions, teen members are free to join in regular CrossFit or FIT classes.

Class Structure

Classes last 60 minutes and feature a combination of instruction, warm up, skill work, workouts and a cool down.


Teen memberships come with a 3 month minimum commitment:

$60 – 8 classes per month

$75 – 12 Classes per month

$100 – Unlimited classes per month

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